Crockery Cooker, Crock Pot or Slow Cooker – What’s the Difference?

Crockery Cooker, Crock Pot or Slow Cooker – What’s the Difference?

The terms Crock Pot, crockery cooker, and slow cooker generally have the same meaning.  It all started back in 1970. When the Rival Company acquired the assets of Naxon Utilities Corp,  it included an old-fashioned looking appliance called the ‘Beanery’. It was a simple bean cooker, with a glazed brown crock liner, white steel housing and aluminum lid.

After experimenting with the Beanery for a while, they invented stoneware crockery liners for this appliance. This crockery liner needed to have a new name.

And so the  Crock Pot name was born! In the seventies, slogans like “Cooks all day while the cook’s away” appeared. The media and big name retailers absolutely loved this new Crock-Pot® idea and the Rival’s Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker a household name.

Slow cookers were  popular for two decades and then faded away for a number of years.  Now they’re back and being enjoyed more than ever before.

Rival faces the same problem that many companies do when trying to protecting their trademark. The name Crock-Pot® is so commonly used as the generic product name that the consumers become confused. The term “slow cooker” is now as a generic product name for any appliance that is a  stand-alone appliance with a heating element and ceramic casserole dish that  cooks foods with moist, slow heat.

So Crock Pot, Crockery Cooker and slow cookers are basically all the same thing. The folks over at Rival might not agree with this…. If your looking at it from a cook’s point of view,  there is no difference in general between other brands of slow cookers and Crock Pot slow cookers. Although, there are minor details between the different brands of slow cookers which I will be covering in the slow cooker buyers guide section of my blog.

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