Lloytron Slow Cooker

lloytron 3.5ltr oval slow cooker

  • Silver Slow Cooker
  • 3.5 L Capacity
  • 3 X Cooking Functions
  • LED Indicato
  • Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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Although perhaps not a household name, Lloytron has been producing household electrical goods for over 40 years; developing from a company that produced audio-based products to one that now puts out a range of audio-visual products, small domestic appliances, electronics and lighting.

In amongst all that is a range of slow cookers…

Why a Lloytron Slow Cooker

Lloytron offer a range of slow cookers with different capacities and come in a range of prices to suit any budgets. And with 40 years experience of producing electricals you can be sure that they will be good quality items that produce great cooking results.

Lloytron offer slow cookers in three sizes; a 1.5 litre mini cooker, a 3 litre slow cooker and a 3.5 litre slow cooker.

The 1.5 litre cooker is ideal for singles or couples, while the 3 litre and 3.5 litre are ideal for smaller families – Lloytron doesn’t currently produce larger models that will cater for larger families.

All Lloytron slow cookers come with a removable, ceramic cooking pot, allowing you to serve food straight from the pot, at the table, without losing any heat. They also feature a toughened glass lid, enabling you to keep an eye on how your food’s cooking, cool touch handles, non-slip feet and three temperature settings; low, high and auto.

The three temperature settings on Lloytron slow cookers allow you to have more control over cooking times to make sure that you get the results you want. They settings are as follows:

High – this setting means that food cooks in about half the time of the ‘low’ setting – usually around 4 hours, but is dependant upon the recipe. This setting is recommended for cooking beans, pulses or when using the slow cooker to bake.

Low - with this setting you can gently simmer food for a longer period of time, usually about 8 hours, and you can also use it to keep food warm once it has been cooked.

Auto – this option will automatically start the cooking on high for the first hour and then drop the temperature setting to low until the meal is cooked.

Llloytron slow cooker models

Lloytron’s range of slow cookers is as follows:

Lloytron E821 auto – 1.5 litre mini slow cooker, in white or brushed stainless steel finish, 3 cooking settings, toughened glass lid, removable ceramic pot, cool touch handles and non-slip feet.

Lloytron E819SS – 3.0 litre slow cooker, brushed stainless steel finish, 3 cooking settings, cool touch handles, toughened glass lid and removable ceramic bowl and non slip feet.

Lloytron 3.5 litre slow cooker – in black or brushed stainless steel finish, 3 cooking settings, dishwasher safe lid, cool touch handles, removable ceramic bowl and non slip feet.

Why choose a Lloytron slow cooker?

Slow cookers offer an easy and convenient way for everyone to prepare delicious, healthy meals – even if their cooking is normally cordoned off rather than cordon bleu. And slow cookers are also a great money saving device as not only will they not run away with the electricity bill, even though they’re left on for up to eight hours at a time, you can also cheaper cuts of meat in stews and casseroles as the cooking process will tenderise them to perfection.