Pros and Cons of Buying a Slow Cooker

Pros and Cons of Buying a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are among an array of old kitchen gadgets making a comeback. Most of us are experiencing the joys of cooking delicious ready made meals at home. If you ever thought of buying one, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever get around to use the darn thing!

So I thought I’d give you a list of pros and cons for thebuyers guide section of my blog to (hopefully) help you decide if a slow cooker is right for you.


  • You’ll find that your meals will be tastier. Slow cookers completely seal in the vapors and juices which help absorb flavors and preserve the taste.
  • It saves you money. You’ll be able to buy those cheaper cuts of meat since slow cookers are ideal for tenderizing them. Slow cookers also use much less electricity then the oven or stove.
  • Easy meal preparation and hassle free cooking. You don’t have to monitor your meal so you can be at work or away from your kitchen while your meal cooks.
  • Helps you prepare healthier recipes and everything is cooked at the same time. Some slow cookers also come with timers so it can automatically start and stop cooking at a particular time.
  • During the summer months you might like the fact that your kitchen doesn’t heat up like a sauna!


  • You can end up overcooking food if your not careful. This is especially true for more poultry and other tender meats.
  • Large cuts of meat such as leg of lamb or boneless prime rib taste better when oven roasted.
  • Slow cooking requires different cooking times for different elevations. So it’s a learning curve to figure out your specific cooking times.  There might be slight variations from city to city.
  • Cooking times are not the same when you you use your regular recipes with a slow cooker.
  • You might find that the flavor of your slow cooker dish affected by the all the extra juices. These collect in the slow cooker may cause your dish to become watery and diluted. There are specific ways you can prevent this from happening. I will write about this another day. =)

Slow Cookers are ideal for meals that require long simmering. It takes a little bit of a learning curve and a little special attention when you cook meat in a slow cooker just so that it doesn’t overcook. To me personally, it seems that the advantages of being able to save time making delicious and nutritious meals out way the drawbacks.

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